Our Story

The oceans and marine life surrounded by all of us are in desperate need for help. 70% of the Earth is covered by oceans, and it is facing threats like pollution, over exploitation, habitat destruction, and climate change.

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College students Bill and Ashleigh were tired of learning about the problems threatening the oceans in a classroom setting, and decided to embark on their own journey to be a part of the solution for the oceans. Driven by their passion to help, they created SolOceans - a brand entirely devoted to marine conservation, research, and education.


Both Bill and Ashleigh have experience with multiple non-profit organizations, and have seen first hand the power they hold in conserving the marine environment through a variety of methods. Some of these methods include rescuing animals like sea turtles, dolphins, seals, and sea lions; leading the way in research initiatives; educating youth on the importance of marine conservation; and physically launching cleanup events around the globe.


Inspired by these leading organizations, SolOceans will donate 15% of our profits from every purchase to the non-profit organizations we feel exemplify our mission. We want you to be confident that your purchase is going to the  organizations making the most impact, therefore we invite you to email us at Info@SolOceans.com with recommendations for non-profits you’d like to see us donate to.


As our brand grows larger, we want to sponsor and host conservation projects to make a much more hands-on impact. Ultimately, we want to be the leading brand not only donating to non-profit organizations but also making the biggest difference for our oceans.